The Truth of the Crying Writer in a Messy House All Year

Today I have to buy a bunch of snacks for my girlfriend's kids' New Years party, before all the stores close. This entails going to several stores in search of the flavor of Taki's (a kind of Mexican spicy neon colored chip) that is (seemingly) vegan. I am happy to do it, would do it on foot or bike or bus for that moment when they see that boring old granola Katie has brought them their treasured “junk” food.

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single mother artist just about to finish her novel - please consider donating a buck or two to facilitate its completion

this comes to me via twitter. i don't know this woman, i just watched the video and hoped she would get what she needed, and it seemed to fit right in line with what we do right here.

i love kickstarter. if you're not familiar with what they do, it's DIY fundraising, essentially. you need not apply for grants or loans from large organizations for your projects, art or otherwise. you can drum up support from real people who will - based on what you're doing - want for you to succeed. people pledge to donate, there is no minimum donation.

Singing Things You Can't Speak: An Interview with Corin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney

"This Mama works until her back is sore/but the baby's fed and the tunes are pure" -Sleater-Kinney, "Step Aside" from the album "One Beat" Besides the financial part of it, it's also really important to me to be a happy person, just to be doing work that I enjoy. I think that a depressed mom is not a great thing for a kid. . . I think it's important to take care of myself and keep doing work. But I do feel really guilty about having to go on tour without him.

Lucy's Diary Interview by Bee Lavender

Looking back now it feels like I was barely out of school when I became a mother. But, I’d partied pretty hard beforehand. The main impact was less time to myself – obviously. I’m not going to kid anyone and say it wasn’t hard work. But, I still found time to play guitar and write songs. My children heard he songs – the ones they liked I kept, the ones they didn’t I dropped. Who needs the X factor panel!

Meet Kate Crowder by Stacey Greenberg

At 9:00pm on a Friday, I was busy trying to get my monkeys (Satchel, age 4 and Jiro, age 2) in bed so I could sneak out and interview Kate Crowder, the lead singer of my new favorite band, Two Way Radio (formerly known as Walkie Talkie and briefly as Side Walk Talk). At 9:25pm, I said goodbye to my husband and drove down the street to a local bar where Kate said she'd be hanging out until their 11:00pm show time. As I nervously walked into the nearly empty bar, I saw Kate and her husband/bandmate, Corey, slip out the back door.


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