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uh, remember that thing i said about the co-option of Occupy?

this "music festival" is happening in mid-may, actively soliciting donations.... and charging $35-$55 admission.

no lineup has been announced, though they are careful to clarify that there will be international acts.

from their site:
The Occupy Festival is endorsed by the Occupy Chicago organization. The festival is contributing to the Occupy movement by donating 50% of all profits to Occupy Chicago.

If you support the cause, help keep it alive:


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Occupy the SEC

a group called Occupy the SEC is comprised of former wall street employees. some members have done teach ins at Occupy camps teaching the demonstrators about investment firms' calamitous intent.

they wrote a 325 page letter to federal authorities including the SEC and FDIC which details the practices that are routine on wall street, making the case for the volcker rule. see it here:


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#OO arrestees brutalized at Sta. Rita.

This story is completely in line with interviews I heard on KPFA a couple weeks ago from people who were held in Santa Rita over the New Year. Yes, prison guards are brutalizing arrestees--these are folks who haven't even been charged with a crime, yet. (Even folks who were not actually protesting.)


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overview of events in Oakland, and the integrity of a citizen journalist is questioned

for one, you can watch a good overview of Oakland, which does not sugarcoat the actions of the more violent protesters, in the democracy now piece from today:


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more escalation in oakland

occupiers are moving into a vacant park. they were not granted a permit. cops in riot gear have been spotted in aerial video running at protesters at full speed. protesters have a bus, which cops are attempting to stop and confiscate.

their scanner says "we need to separate this bus from this crowd."

when that's tweeted, the scanner notes to cops using radio that they're being monitored. and the OPD even followed tim pool (prominent citizen journalist who's covered Occupy since the beginning) on twitter.


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