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not feeling guilty anymore

1. About eating, being hungry, being "fat" or any of that shit.
2. About sitting around and watching TV with my kid.
3. About letting the weeds grow in my yard.
4. About not returning phone calls.
5. About needing quiet space and time.
6. About having lees than perfect technique on the violin.
7. About not saving the world.
8. About being sensitive--physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.
9. About telling my parents to fuck off.
10. About not believing in god.


The Dragon by Sharon Harrigan

My daughter was already in the front car of The Dragon, hugging her seven-year-old doppelganger who, weirdly, shares her name. The Ellas, dressed in pink, bobbed in blonde, the colors of the dogwood blossoms this festival is named for, were blind to the scarred cheeks of the carnies, in whose hands we put their lives.

Progress by Bee Lavender

I believe in the principles of that war. I understand and appreciate the great struggle that preceded our declaration of independence, and the consitution that followed years later. I've read the federalist papers. I disagree with many of the choices made by our government, but I know that my right to dissent is the greatest liberty of a democratic society. Any citizen who argues otherwise - particularly members of the media - renders our entire nation a grave insult.

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