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single mother artist just about to finish her novel - please consider donating a buck or two to facilitate its completion

this comes to me via twitter. i don't know this woman, i just watched the video and hoped she would get what she needed, and it seemed to fit right in line with what we do right here.

i love kickstarter. if you're not familiar with what they do, it's DIY fundraising, essentially. you need not apply for grants or loans from large organizations for your projects, art or otherwise. you can drum up support from real people who will - based on what you're doing - want for you to succeed. people pledge to donate, there is no minimum donation.

Twenty Years and One Little Boy Later by Anne Neville

At 19, I read Adrienne Rich as she struggled to put into words the isolation and terror of being the solo parent of small children all day. I saw her essays as the record of a historical moment, the cusp of change between an era of rigid gender roles and frustrated housewives, and my own time of working mothers and egalitarian divisions of parenting labor. I treasured her insights into how destructive the old system could be to the spirit of mother and child alike.

Matter Over Mind: One Mothers Malady by Maria Rowan

Matter Over Mind: One Mothers Malady
by Maria Rowan
Healthy people live in a different country than people who face chronic illness. Sometimes when I'm around other mothers I forget I have peculiar health problems. After all, we talk about bizarre infections, uncertain test results and emergency surgeries all the time. When I mentioned that getting evaluations of my degenerative spinal condition was delaying the conception of a second child, I didn't mean to direct the conversation away from kids, but my friend, Nan seemed shocked.
What can they do to stop that? she asked.

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