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Mon, 09/05/2011 - 09:57 -- Bee

Happy Labor Day.

For years now it seems that all the news is about global economic turmoil, political assassinations, ruinous storms, and rioting in the streets - and the most our elected leaders have offered is the distraction of new puppies and royal weddings. The last decade has been enough to extinguish hope. It seems like everything good is being destroyed, not least the progress made by the labor movement. Before he was executed Joe Hill famously said: "don't mourn, organize." I agree.

In the face of disaster, I don't know what else to do but believe - and sing.

Armistice Day by Muffy Bolding

Though it is now officially known as Veteran's Day, I prefer to call this day of remembrance by its original and much more poetic title: Armistice Day.
This morning I woke, made some good, strong coffee and sat in front of the television with my husband, both of us too young to have ever feared a draft. We watched C-SPAN while an endless parade of senators (all Republicans, for reasons I still haven't figured out) made four-minute speeches honoring the veterans and war dead of this, arguably the greatest nation on earth.

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