The Truth of the Crying Writer in a Messy House All Year

Today I have to buy a bunch of snacks for my girlfriend's kids' New Years party, before all the stores close. This entails going to several stores in search of the flavor of Taki's (a kind of Mexican spicy neon colored chip) that is (seemingly) vegan. I am happy to do it, would do it on foot or bike or bus for that moment when they see that boring old granola Katie has brought them their treasured “junk” food.

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true facts

Thu, 04/05/2012 - 16:31 -- Bee

Did you know that belief in magical bunnies is mandatory if one wishes to receive baskets of treats? True fact. This is especially crucial in countries where baskets of treats do not routinely materialize during spring feasts.

In other spring festival news, my very own magical mama is visiting to celebrate her 60th birthday. I thank her, with fervent sincerity, for raising me with a wild and fierce love. Then letting me go.

On the subject of growing up, this week Salon is featuring a story I wrote about being a teenager, having cancer, and Madonna.

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babies don't dance and they can't buy beer

Sat, 02/04/2012 - 23:15 -- Bee

This is the second year in a row my old friend KTS has materialised on my birthday - though both occasions were coincidental to him I consider the visits a rare and splendid gift.

He & his wife stopped by on their way to Paris via Istanbul and it was great fun to show them my daily routine and take them on jetlagged walking tours: Bunhill Fields, the Barbican, the Tate Modern, Two Temple, Prufrock.

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please join me

Fri, 12/30/2011 - 03:03 -- Bee

Please join me in sending happy birthday wishes to Susan, producer of and good friend to us all!

Throughout the years her commitment to this site has been demonstrated in quiet, necessary, and critical ways. She has been a dependable and massively influential source of knowledge, technical expertise, and cultural observation. Her thoughtfulness, kindness, and patience are exemplary, and her humor in the midst of crisis is invaluable. I cannot exaggerate how important her contribution is and how much I respect and admire her.

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Festivus Holiday wishes, and tips for creating your own celebration

happy festivus season everyone! here are some great tips on hosting your own festivus celebration, including some for those of us with no class.

festivus montage for nostalgia's sake:

now for tips on your own festivus celebration, you will have to go to the yo*tube channel to see it because embedding is disabled. if you have autoplay enabled, you will see all four in succession, but never fear, i have them all linked:

How to Celebrate Festivus:

From Santa to the Tooth Fairy by Roberta Hinds

When I was a small child, my parents taught me to believe in Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, the Sand Man, and Jack Frost.  The Sand Man was an invisible but kindly little spirit who came every night, just before bedtime, and gently sprinkled soft sand into the eyes of small children.  When these same children would then rub their eyes, some adult or even the children themselves would draw attention to the rubbing of the eyes and say something like, “Oh, look!  You’re rubbing your eyes.

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Holiday Plan to Keep Sanity & Avoid Emotional Pitfalls

I have been doing lots of thinking and reading and re-evaulating.

I have had a difficult year; I want a NICE Holiday season. I do not want perfect; I do not want anything I have to work at. I do not want to be let down and I know about how setting unrealistic expectations is what causes the being let down feeling. I have learned this long ago. I have shifted my expectations and desires every year and I have dealt better as time goes by.

This year-- oh this year, sigh.


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