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1. Did yoga in a nice studio in San Francisco today. The studio is on a cable car line, or I mean, a street where the cable car passes. Hearing the cable cars pass while hanging upside down in some-thing-or-other asana was pretty cool.
2. Nice weather.
3. Found a cool little desk on the sidewalk today and a cute metalhead (taken, shucks) helped me load it into my car. Now I can get rid of the massive, ugly Ik*a piece of crap that just collects unpaid bills and other trash.
4. Decaf PG Tips.

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A funny thing happened on the way to a headstand

I was at yoga punx on Sunday. It's held in a funky old loft space in the Mission in SF, and it's all people with tattoos and piercings, and pretty much people over 35, if not over 40, and a lot of recovering addicts, and the teacher plays old punk rawk tunes on her ipod. I was doing a pose called dolphin, like this:

but in this setting

It can be a prep for this kind of headstand

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