My Mind On My Money and My Money On My Mind by Roberta Moore

On the news last night, following the $700 billion dollar bailout talk, it was mentioned that 25% of Americans are struggling to pay their bills every month.
Let me raise my hand and say hello, I am one of those Americans, and my actual debt is a miniscule fraction of this bailout… but it is a real, day to day, emotionally and psychologically draining financial struggle.

Twists and Turns: An Interview with Janet McDonald by Jennifer Williams

Soapboxes are for soap. I'm not into preaching, which is why I was never into reading young adult literature because it was so preachy. I wanted to show reality as it is, not as I think it should be, and from there present positive ways that reality can be addressed. Teenagers have sex. And they ain't gonna stop because I say to. I think the scene in the lunchroom where all the girls are talking about condoms and protecting yourself gives a subtle message. And you also have the "virgin girl" Toya, who is yet another kind of project girl. The reality of teenage pregnancy is exactly as I describe it. Raven feels almost disoriented, like "How did this happen? How can I get my life back on course?" Reality is defying the odds, struggling through whatever situation you're in, and keeping your head up if you can. Other authors can preach and scold if they like.

Day in the life of a Silicon Valley Grrrrl Mom by Rebecca Trotzky-Sirr

I pass for a Stanford student if I try. Which is good, because I am a Stanford student. I keep handing Hank all the good things that I needed when I was traveling and homeless. I'm persuading Hank to take the fresh vegetables, milk, organic whole wheat bread, and cheese. He just wants the meat. I'm hoping that I can improve his diet. Maybe get him to eat something that has nutrients and calories in it. He just wants the meat.


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