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#OO arrestees brutalized at Sta. Rita.

This story is completely in line with interviews I heard on KPFA a couple weeks ago from people who were held in Santa Rita over the New Year. Yes, prison guards are brutalizing arrestees--these are folks who haven't even been charged with a crime, yet. (Even folks who were not actually protesting.)


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overview of events in Oakland, and the integrity of a citizen journalist is questioned

for one, you can watch a good overview of Oakland, which does not sugarcoat the actions of the more violent protesters, in the democracy now piece from today:


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more escalation in oakland

occupiers are moving into a vacant park. they were not granted a permit. cops in riot gear have been spotted in aerial video running at protesters at full speed. protesters have a bus, which cops are attempting to stop and confiscate.

their scanner says "we need to separate this bus from this crowd."

when that's tweeted, the scanner notes to cops using radio that they're being monitored. and the OPD even followed tim pool (prominent citizen journalist who's covered Occupy since the beginning) on twitter.

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Occupy Oakland Vigil Raided, Several Arrested, Video

please go here to see video and read about the latest raid on Occupy Oakland. most arrestees have been taken to Dublin.

read in the report that police took pictures to Occupy, compared them to faces and made arrests.


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Global Revolution, Occupy Wall Street's livestreaming operation, raided, evicted and arrested

Global Revolution, which has been live streaming Occupy Wall Street since the day it started - before even, because i remember tuning in early and seeing tutorials on protest tactics and how to deal with police - has had their Brooklyn studio raided. six people were arrested. the city went to the length of condemning the building, though no one else in the building was evicted.

read about it here:

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Police's bizarre supoena to Twitter for Occupy Boston participants' personal data, begets an even more bizarre court proceeding.

don't know if you heard about the strange subpoena to twitter for the personal data of users associated with Occupy Boston. it generated many chuckles in its ignorance, kinda like your grandmother asking you what it means to google something...
see here

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you are NOT going to believe this

ladies, i had to take a breather from Occupy just to keep my sanity (all things being relative). i am well aware of the port action out west. i will resume writing about this, when i get the headspace to do a good job about it. for a while there i was thinking i needed to give some level of analysis, or at least perspective, because clearly you no longer need me to inform you of events. it's in mainstream news now, the movement doesn't need my publicity. sort of.


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