Police brutality

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Mesiah Hameed

This is a story about my kid's friend, Mesiah, who was brutalized and arrested...at an anti-police brutality protest in New York.

I can't watch the video. She is a sweet, quirky, soft-spoken teenager.

Here you can see Mesiah (red and white stripes) and T-Dizzle (white tank top, long hair, red bandana) dancing at a Destiny Arts Center show, from a couple of years ago.

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#OO arrestees brutalized at Sta. Rita.

This story is completely in line with interviews I heard on KPFA a couple weeks ago from people who were held in Santa Rita over the New Year. Yes, prison guards are brutalizing arrestees--these are folks who haven't even been charged with a crime, yet. (Even folks who were not actually protesting.)


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you are NOT going to believe this

ladies, i had to take a breather from Occupy just to keep my sanity (all things being relative). i am well aware of the port action out west. i will resume writing about this, when i get the headspace to do a good job about it. for a while there i was thinking i needed to give some level of analysis, or at least perspective, because clearly you no longer need me to inform you of events. it's in mainstream news now, the movement doesn't need my publicity. sort of.

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