A Shard of History

Unexpected Skype issues forced This Manic Mama to take a hiatus. She thought that while she was visiting her parents she might as well interview her mom, author JY Lilly (a.k.a. Lillian, a.k.a. Mom). J.Y. Lilly hails from Edmonton Canada. She is entering the Fantasy genre with her first book A Shard of History: Moment of Truth on a dare to herself. She is a mother, grandmother, and wife. She is also a painter and artist in her own right. J.Y.


This week TMM talks to Rachel Reynolds about her beautiful audio-autobiographical essay on pregnancy called Ultrasound, and about her interest in oral history as a feminist practice. Rachel is Educations Programs Manager for the (In)Visible Memoirs Project, a literary outreach program that nurtures aspiring writers in underserved communities. Listen now.

All's Well and Fair

"I'd rather be free than rich or poor."

This week TMM talks to documentary filmmaker Luci Westphal about her film All's Well and Fair. The series juxtaposes the lives and ideals of 3 single punk rock moms in the 1990s, and takes up the story again to examine their realities and opinions ten years later. This interactive web series provides a unique perspective on alternative culture, parenting, and identity. Listen now.


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