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McCain Is Trying To Kill Me (perhaps literally) by Maria Rowan

When I was 19, I was in a car wreck. As a result I had a spinal fusion that was successful for two reasons. First of all, I can walk and second, the fusion is in excellent shape twenty years later due to an excellent surgeon and prudent care on my part.
However; this puts me in a category known as "pre-existing condition" to insurance providers. Once you have one, you must stay insured at all times or you will never be insured again.

Matter Over Mind: One Mothers Malady by Maria Rowan

Matter Over Mind: One Mothers Malady
by Maria Rowan
Healthy people live in a different country than people who face chronic illness. Sometimes when I'm around other mothers I forget I have peculiar health problems. After all, we talk about bizarre infections, uncertain test results and emergency surgeries all the time. When I mentioned that getting evaluations of my degenerative spinal condition was delaying the conception of a second child, I didn't mean to direct the conversation away from kids, but my friend, Nan seemed shocked.
What can they do to stop that? she asked.


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