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Health Care by Nica Davidov

I am a thirty-one year old mother of an almost-three-year old. My partner and I and our son moved to the Netherlands from Boston two years ago. It was very much my idea, and for me it was very much about not wanting to raise my son with the constant anxieties about health insurance that I had experienced for years (thank you Aetna! I had to call you so often that you were #1 on my T-Mobile “top 5”! I wish I were kidding!).

The Tragedy Of Abortion Rhetoric by Fran Varian

I came to abortion work in a rather circuitous way. It was not expected after seven years of strict Catholic schooling and twenty-one Thanksgivings full of staunchly conservative, pro-life family debates. By the time I arrived in Seattle in 1998, a newly graduated college-educated feminist, I had left all of the conservative Catholicism behind me, but I still did not anticipate that abortion work would become my passion.

Explaining Brooks by Dewi L. Faulkner

Mothers get to watch a lot of sunrises. One of nature's biggest practical jokes is that babies and toddlers most often have needs that are in no way conducive to nighttime sleep. My nine-month-old daughter is cutting two enormous front teeth, and so has taken to living a cranky-baby swing shift: bed at four a.m. up at nine or ten, with a nice big nap around two in the afternoon.

The Face of Affirmative Action by Bee Lavender

Since 1973 it has been illegal, under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, to discriminate against children with disabilities. We have the right under federal law to free appropriate public education, and access to all programs and services. For me as a child with a severe illness, this should have meant that I received reasonable accomodations such as flexiblility in attendance standards, and at least minimal cooperation from teachers and administrators in establishing a plan by which I could have received the same quality of education as my peers.

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