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totally Tuesday

1. grateful for spending yesterday with my youngest 2 children

2. thankful for the warm fuzzies which have been present

3. appreciative of good healthy food stuffs going in

4. grateful for the Love in my dearest darling's eyes when he looks at me

5. thankful for a day alone - i will rest & give myself good self care


6. Galvanina Italian sparkling blood orange drink

7. Bison tacos, avos & sharp sharp white cheddar soft tacos -- had dinner alone & this made up for that

8. great catch up talk with Canadian traveling buddy of old

9. staying as close to our routine as possible when left on my own - I am proud of myself for that

10. plans for second hot Hot bath and putting myself to bed on time

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Christmas Day Thanks to the Universe

1. to sleeping in w/o children waking us up far too early after a late night

2. to oatmeal cookies for Christmas morning breakfast

3. to second service at church - such beautiful music & words

4. to chicken paprikash leftovers for lunch

5. for bison roast stewing for dinner

6. for grimy, dirty Mr working on the Volvo's brakes

7. for talking to my children

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Christmas Eve's Appreciations

1. sleeping in after a late night talking, giggling, coming down from the intensity of the movie "The Help"

2. healthy, yummy buckwheat pancakes, with Greek yogurt & juice for breakfast

3. chicken Paprikash simmering away for our dinner

4. Christmas music on Pandora

5. snuggly spot on the sofa neat the faux tree with its little white lights

6. delightfully delish fibers I am knitting thru my fingers into the Blanket of Magnificent Colours

7. happy, healthy, Magickal manifesting thoughts

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a 2-fer

I seem to have forgotten to write a list yesterday.....

1. grateful daughter came back yesterday so we could so SOME packing, not what i had in mind but enough

2. grateful for easy foodstuffs in the freezer for us to eat in the midst of it all

3. grateful for all the Christmas presents for Little Dude &I

4. grateful for long work days for my Mr so I had extra packing time & was able to come here instead of spending another night alone

5. grateful for such a wonderful yarn stash that I can make his gift w/o needing to buy anything

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Tuesday's Totally Terrific

1. I am so grateful for falling asleep in my Lover's arms last night & sleeping thru the night and into the morning - it was the most peaceful, solid sleep I have had in days (used to be I would have said "a long time" but really I slept that way last time I was over here for more than a day or two)

2. I appreciate the silence & peace here, the kid-less stress-less -ness of it all right now

3. I am thankful for a place to rest my head & body and recharge during all the chaos someone else is trying to push onto me

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Monday, again, blues again, Happy again

1. the dogs are very happy in the country & the family loves them, even the difficult one - he is just what their dog who is 2 months older needed - a buddy to chase & run around until they are exhausted with

2. Saturday night's Winter Solstice Celebration at Church was a-ma-zing! So glad I got to make it - I was 1/2 hour late since I ended up needing to drive out to the county with Mr Nice Guy to deliver dogs

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Friday Fun

1. Little Dude's teacher is submitting his paperwork for promotion to the 4th grade - I appreciate all his hard work to get this far ; ) & all the time we've had doing home schooling

2. I am thankful my daughter picked up breakfast for today yesterday -- I love those blueberry muffins from the her work's bakery &Little Dude enjoys his fresh bagels

3. I am grateful for piles of blankets & not having to get up and out in this cold almost Winter morning weather here at the beach bbbrrr I tells ya

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Thursday Full Of Grats

1. Grateful daughter & son are off to the store for daily grocery run -- we have taken to only buying what we need for each day as we wind down here & know each day who will be home & eating what - saves money & there has been no waste or leftovers

2. Grateful for follow up phone call for a live in position (the hours are ONLY until 9 am) -- closer to the coast & the new day job, must get DL first for this job -- incentive ; )



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