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Day 2 of the Answer

1. sleeping in

2. dulce de leche Cheerios

3. my kid reading classic books I downloaded last night on his iPad

4. sweaters, cuz I am cold again

5. music from Ireland & the Irish host who is so cute when she gushes about where to visit in Ireland and when she mispronounces American cities

6. bottled water

7. having food in the fridge & kale

8. having no more chocolates

9. Love in its many forms

10. breathing slowly

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Trying this again --- Day 1 of the Answer, aka 42

1. the upside of not finishing a Guinness at home is washing my hair with the remainder in the morning

2. cute skirt & top and that i have lost a few pounds thanks to the kale etc

3. brand new birthday gift of a sweet little necklace with a garnet (part of what Secret Santa strangers gifted me) & my ONLY birthday gift

4. champagne brunch with Mr Nice Guy & Little Dude was a nice "celebration"

5. among my calls WAS my father

6. journaling is saving my sanity

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sigh, Saturdays suck so far

1. we slept like rocks from the walking & long day

2. for after holiday clearance at the grocery - we ate Christmas chocolates for break fast since I couldn't go to the store & get us food

3. for the one smoothie in the fridge so the kid had something healthy for breakfast, too

4. for kale

5. for friends who have been supportive & encouraging yet again today

6. for not having unpacked yet in case we have to move again

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1. Cuddly infants

2. Other 9 yr old boys

3. Smoothies

4. The Fooks, my Irish "boy band" for singing to me last night & being such buds

5. Technology - I am posting this from the little dude's iPad at work on their wifi

7. Kale, fruits, veggies etc - still sticking to eating better, other than last night's fish & chips

8. All the walking I am doing

9. Better to have Loved....

10. Something to do & be paid for, even part time

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Thursday - sigh

1. I am grateful for a job where i get to hold a baby for hours

2. I will appreciate the 10 minute walk UP a hill every work day

3. I am thankful for the ease of my commute

4. I am grateful for the exhaustion which continues to put me to sleep

5. I am thankful to all my friends who have always been there

6. I appreciate the added weight loss benefits of eating kale & all the fruits & veggies

7. I am so appreciative that the Universe once again provided EXACTLY what I needed with this perfect job

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To Day, Tues Day, too

1. for kale

2. for boxes unpacked & being sorted thru

3. for sleep again, even if it was from sheer emotional, mental & physical exhaustion

4. for pre-cut, pre-seasoned chicken breasts on sale

5. for a job interview today

6. for being a 5 minte trolley ride to see my Irish Boy Band every Thursday night!

7. for Faith in myself

8. for my inner Honesty which has been painful & raw, but is good to have access to

9. for Love, always for this Love

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the sun is shining

1. I am very grateful for all my friends who were there for me yesterday in my darkness

2. I am very grateful i allowed myself to weep, sob, scream, feel my feelings as fully as I needed as long as I needed

3. I appreciate the emptiness of the new apartment so i could feel free to do that

4. I am sooo thankful I wrote down my questions I NEEDED answered for me to have any understanding of that which I rejected as my reality, that which I denied could be true

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wed-nes-day, wee?

1. i am thankful for my persistence

2. my patience

3. others' persistence & patience

4. I appreciate that even when I get a no for a job today, they are telling me how qualified & perfect I am -- even if there is a part or two which do not fit

5. I am grateful for cookies for lunch with my Sweetheart

6. i am thankful for all the kale recipes out there - hummus w/kale looks yummy

7. i am grateful for whatever help shows up for the move on Saturday



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