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Day 12

1. unexpected day off from the world (little Dude is at his dad's until early tomorrow morning)

2. the magic of connectivity of the phone lines

3. figuring out some new computer skills (even if I hit a wall now)

4. the potential to take some time off & go visit folks in a few months

5. access to certain services, regardless

6. restraining myself from the easy fall back today

7. working thru technological bullshit today (and all damned week - what is going on anyway?)

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Day 11

1. Lots of sleep

2. Having to get dressed, go for a real walk, every few days to get food.

3. Getting a free prize at the store -- some hoky kitchen knife, but the kid was excited

4. Allowing ourselves a second $5 frozen pizza this week --- oh the decadence of it all

5. Earning a $10 certificate at the store paid for an unusual item my brain felt was much needed

6. Finding these little microwave cakes on clearance today means we "splurged" on a few of them. Yum

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Day 10

1. school begins again today - once he wakes up!

2. having the most wonderful bestest friend ever

3. getting sleep

4. fresh fruits & veggies

5. going out tonight for tacos & talk

6. drum circle on Thursday night w/Little Dude

7. watching Dr Zhivago for the first time all the way thru

8. home school = sleeping & working in our pjs

9. the resilience of the Human Spirit & Heart

10. extra blankets for cuddle time

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Day 9

1. Breakfast of --- kale leaves, cheddar cheese, raw turnips, an avocado & some corn tortilla chips

2. Sleeping in, again

3. School begins again tomorrow for little dude - at least we will have some focus while we wait to leave

4. Damned cozy pjs

5. Knitting projects multiple in my head & I will have time to actually knit this year

6. Popcorn for more Netflix movies as we do nothing else but lay here & veg out I the final days of Winter Break

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Day 8

1. deciding when the alarm went off that it was too early, we were too warm & cozy in bed & that church wasn't happening today

2. deciding to get back in bed after this -- why not?

3. groceries in the fridge so i don't have to walk to the store fro a few days anyway

4. Mr Nice Guy's offer of Taco Tuesday out this coming week (so glad we stayed friends)

5. knitting is coming along and i feel productive at least

6. empty house

7. not having to pack again

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Day 7

1. friends, all over, all types, all supportive & caring

2. sleeping in and plans for a nap -- like now

3. the iPad so Little dude can watch videos since we don't have cable or a TV

4. the iPad so he can work on his novel in bed while i rest

5. Netflix so we could watch a movie last night & prolly one today too

6. plans to go to Sufi dances tonight w/Little Dude, too - I could use some meditation & "Good Things"

7. knowing how cheap & easy the move away is going to be so I can relax about our finances

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Day 6

1. i will be very grateful that w/o any responsibilities we can just keep sleeping in

2. I will be appreciative that there is no one home during the days

3. I am thankful for my buddies in the band letting my son have such a great time last night

4. I appreciate everyone trying to cheer me up, keep me motivated, etc it is really very caring & Sweet

5. I am grateful for the friend who keeps suggesting silly things to make me smile in hopes he can get me moving

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Day 5

1. ...I am glad i am writing down my thoughts & feelings if even just for myself for now

2. i appreciate the new blogger position I asked for & received - even though it's non=paying at this moment - it will be exposure & it will be a writing commitment for me to be accountable to

3. supportive friends who keep checking in on me

4. daily shit around here re-affirms i'd make a kick ass marriage & family therapist - now if i could find the funding to go back to school

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Day 4

1. having a reason to get out of bed, get dressed, and go downtown

2. nice interview (waiting until tomorrow afternoon for news)

3. walking all over downtown to decide where to spend our $20 for lunch

4. nice lunch with Little Dude (cheeseburger for him, Cobb salad for me & a shared brownie sundae on sale afterwards) which did not cost me more than $20

5. both of us took pics of buildings

6. super nice trolley workers who talked to us on the way home and their end of day ride home, too

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Day 3

1. cozy cuddles with my sweet Little Dude

2. having to get dressed today to go buy food

3. being semi motivated

4. reading books on the iPad

5. finding a browser which lets us use flash -- even if its for only 5 minutes - will keep looking or eventually pay for the full version

6. plans for something tasty for food today

7. having a job interview tomorrow

8. music

9. Love

10. blankets



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