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February 3rd

1. i will be thankful for the email from someone in re a job - back in SD -- sigh

2. i will be grateful for the ability to sleep in after an insomnia filled night in which i was chatting with some clown until 3 am (literally, the guy IS a performance clown)

3. I am grateful for just enough leftover pizza dough that we know what is for lunch today ; )

4. i am thankful my uncle bought us a bag of spinach

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February the Second

1. egg white, kale & cheese scramble for breakfast - we're doing a 21 day Greens for Breakfast Challenge

2. when my son laughs, really truly laughs - it's a helluva sound

3. home school means if Mommy didn't go to sleep until after 3 am and then slept in until 10 am it is all ok

4. we have been getting dressed everyday instead of staying in our pjs

5. i am going to make homemade pizza for dinner tonight

6. the winds mean we can hear wind chimes, even if they are not ours - which I have hanging in my bedroom from my ceiling fan

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February the First

1. sleeping (almost all of the night) in my own bed, alone

2. when the Little Dude climbs in with me in the morning to cuddle & snooze a little more

3. homemade oatmeal & brown sugar waffles

4. being able to listen to our music again

5. hot tea & cocoa

6. sigh, being in the house alone with my son -- so much nicer, less stressful

7. starting to get ourselves on a routine as best we can in the middle of everything else & everyone else's attempts to control our days

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Day 19

1. more hot tea & cocoa for the Boy

2. sleeping in still feels ok & good & necessary -- one day it won't & we will get back on a schedule

3. the flexibility of home school is going to at least be one less stress on me today & tomorrow during this hellacious next move

4. spending last night playing LEGO games with my kid was good for us both

5. i am really truly soo grateful I didn't unpack but a handful of boxes and that repacking and shuffling around is my priority during the day time hours today

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Day 18

1. slept better last night

2. got up at a decent hour (meaning before 10 am - actually it was even before 9 am)

3. really am grateful we do have somewhere to go

4. i haven't mentioned that i am thankful for this art app on the iPad which has given me something to do creatively that is not writing -- good to use other parts of my brain & to not be so stuck in thoughts & words

5. so appreciative of the friends i do have

6. grateful for $10 in free groceries we need to go use up

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Day 17

1. it's been 9 amazing years since Little Dude was born ; )

2. he is STILL asleep

3. more moving details have been arranged - just days until we leave here

4. i am grateful i feel as if my emotions are in check, for now

5. i am thankful Mr is delivering the boxes he had stored in his garage just before i leave

6. i am appreciative of everyone who is helping with any part of the move

7. i am grateful for my son, without him these past years i don't know what choices i might have made differently

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Day 16

1. hot tea

2. warm enough bed

3. home school = not having to get up for "real"

4. today I HAVE to sleep - a. i haven't slept for shit in days b. i am soo sick

5. Pandora radio is wonderful

6. not running a fever (I think this is good, but i wonder)

7. i am grateful to be leaving here (as in this room of this apartment) this week

8. i am thankful we are going to have our own rooms & silence & no more someone else's drama in our lives

9. i am still appreciative of Love & how it is & has been in my life

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Day 15

1. i am glad i got myself up and stayed committed to giving Little Dude a huge day out for his birthday (it's on Tuesday)

2. uber grateful for the eldest daughter buying movie tickets, and lunch & bring him a HUGE kick ass cupcake cake decorated like a dragon

3. so thankful for her 2 friends who joined us later in the day

4. so appreciative of the random guy who gave us a handful of tickets at the arcade & the redemption counter dude who gave the Birthday Boy extra prizes

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Day 14

1. i will be thankful for Mr Nice Guy helping pick up the moving truck & helping me load it up Thursday night

2. i will be grateful for the discounts the moving truck lady gave me since there are only 2 bucket seats

3. i will be appreciative of the solo train trip i will take to who knows where on Friday ...since I can't fit in the moving truck with my aunt & little dude

4. i will be grateful my aunt is driving the moving truck on Friday, (instead of the pre-agreed upon Saturday) even though that puts some kinks in the moving plans

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day 13

1. being alone last night = feeling free to cry again, need to keep getting it out when i can

2. 5 am drop off = kid still asleep, and i could be too since i have a killer ass headache, so i may crawl back in next to warm, cozy Boy-o mine

3. finalizing plans - as painful as it is, at least it is getting done

4. that school reimbursement check finally made it to me = not broek after the moving van!

5. on the upside, I have lost 10 pounds since Christmas - go Kale!

6. my hair is clean and tangle free



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