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Krugman says it's a depression

in today's NY Times, Paul Krugman calls it what it is, a depression. not a recession, not a "double dip recession" (my favorite euphamism) but a depression, and reminds us how dire those are.

Depression and Democracy, by Paul Krugman

Health Care by Nica Davidov

I am a thirty-one year old mother of an almost-three-year old. My partner and I and our son moved to the Netherlands from Boston two years ago. It was very much my idea, and for me it was very much about not wanting to raise my son with the constant anxieties about health insurance that I had experienced for years (thank you Aetna! I had to call you so often that you were #1 on my T-Mobile “top 5”! I wish I were kidding!).

My Mind On My Money and My Money On My Mind by Roberta Moore

On the news last night, following the $700 billion dollar bailout talk, it was mentioned that 25% of Americans are struggling to pay their bills every month.
Let me raise my hand and say hello, I am one of those Americans, and my actual debt is a miniscule fraction of this bailout… but it is a real, day to day, emotionally and psychologically draining financial struggle.

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