Wedding Bells and Welfare Bucks by Alana Kumbier

Attention, Single Mamas: George W. Bush has a proposal for you: a marriage proposal. That's right, he wants you to get married. You're particularly encouraged to don a bridal veil if you're on welfare and/or parenting as part of an unmarried couple. If you act now, you might even be able to get hitched before Congress makes its decisions about Bush's plan to fund marriage initiative and abstinence-only education programs with welfare dollars.

Girl Power? by Dorothy Woodend

Not so very long ago girl power ruled. Sisterhood was powerful and Girls Kicked ASS! Well, we still might mouth the words but we've forgotten the tune. The Spice Girls vanished into tales of eating disorders, rumors of sapphic love and custody battles. The usual tabloid fodder, which, perversely enough, is closer to the realities of most ordinary girl's lives.

The Christmas Card By Drucilla Blood

Perhaps I'm being covetous here. I know comparisons are odious. And, quite honestly, I know that this is a transient feeling. Tomorrow I will wake up tough as nails and ready to just be and love and fight and rejoice. And I know I sincerely enjoy living that way. But for now there's something soft in me that just wants to be massaged. That wants ease. That wants to surrender. That just doesn't want to fucking have to be strong.

Cross Dressing and the War by Lu Vickers

We've seen what happens when people feel their choices are limited. And we'll keep seeing it if we don't change; if we hang onto those ideas that force our men into battle out of habit, whether "innate or accidental." It's time we asked ourselves why we are more threatened by a two-and-a-half year-old boy toting a Barbie than by a boy carrying a gun. It's time we stopped seeing the spilling of blood as the heroic, manly thing to do.

Taking the Street by LaSara W. FireFox

A report on the March 20 SF protests, International ANSWER contingent In response to the official beginning of "Gulf War 2," a large, exuberant, decentralized group of folks from all over the Bay Area and around Northern California took to the streets in protest. As luck would have it, I happened to be in SF for this amazing event, and am thankful to have been. In many years of protests, I have never seen such an effective and amazing application of decentralized action.

Some Thoughts on Watering Cars and Edging Children by Ann Morrill

There is a thin layer of dirt on my car--not a detail that four years ago I would have noticed. But today I have to work hard to not think about it, to resist taking a hose and getting it off. It isn't my child, after all, with a layer of dirt and germs on his hands and face that could spread to his mouth that could spread to his classmates. This thing is inorganic, a 1999 Ford Taurus, a car that gets our family to places too far to walk. A vehicle that generally occupies few of my brain cells, until today, when that thin layer sneaks into my consciousness.


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