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Sat, 08/06/2011 - 16:26 -- Bee

At age twenty-five I was passionate, opinionated, adamant. I believed in an undefined Utopia, and that it could be created right there and then. In pursuit of that goal I had started nonprofits, finished graduate school, had two kids. I'd embarked on and abandoned a career in government when I realised the limits of service.

Singing Things You Can't Speak: An Interview with Corin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney

"This Mama works until her back is sore/but the baby's fed and the tunes are pure" -Sleater-Kinney, "Step Aside" from the album "One Beat" Besides the financial part of it, it's also really important to me to be a happy person, just to be doing work that I enjoy. I think that a depressed mom is not a great thing for a kid. . . I think it's important to take care of myself and keep doing work. But I do feel really guilty about having to go on tour without him.

I Don't Know Why She Does It by Paige Rien

"Some mothers work because they have to -- others for their own fulfillment." And there it was -- it might has well come in the form of a back-handed slap. Somehow because I am sensitive about my fulfillment -- that it's private and not for outside commentary, I felt like this sentence filleted me and left me for dead. I am overly sensitive for sure -- but on this topic, my sensitivity is off the charts. When pressed, do I have to work? Couldn't we downsize or live more frugally on my husband's income? Yes. Is my own fulfillment an appropriate reason to leave my son? Is that really the only purpose of my work? Somehow "my own fulfillment," sounded about as reasonable for a mother as a heroin addiction.

Meet Kate Crowder by Stacey Greenberg

At 9:00pm on a Friday, I was busy trying to get my monkeys (Satchel, age 4 and Jiro, age 2) in bed so I could sneak out and interview Kate Crowder, the lead singer of my new favorite band, Two Way Radio (formerly known as Walkie Talkie and briefly as Side Walk Talk). At 9:25pm, I said goodbye to my husband and drove down the street to a local bar where Kate said she'd be hanging out until their 11:00pm show time. As I nervously walked into the nearly empty bar, I saw Kate and her husband/bandmate, Corey, slip out the back door.

Musical Mom by Naomi Graychase

It's a Thursday night in mid-December and Lori McKenna is dressed in jeans and a baggy, black sweater. In these clothes, she could be driving the car pool, or taking her four kids to the grocery store, but instead she's standing on a stage before a rapt audience of nearly 200, glowing. Her set tonight is a short one. Just a few songs. Then Dar Williams will take the stage as the headliner. She opens with a love song about her husband of fourteen years, and the young man beside me leans in and says, "I want to be her husband." He looks at her there on stage, takes a swig of beer and turns back to me, and says, "If I had to be a plumber and have four kids, it'd be okay if she was my wife."


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