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Matter Over Mind: One Mothers Malady by Maria Rowan

Matter Over Mind: One Mothers Malady
by Maria Rowan
Healthy people live in a different country than people who face chronic illness. Sometimes when I'm around other mothers I forget I have peculiar health problems. After all, we talk about bizarre infections, uncertain test results and emergency surgeries all the time. When I mentioned that getting evaluations of my degenerative spinal condition was delaying the conception of a second child, I didn't mean to direct the conversation away from kids, but my friend, Nan seemed shocked.
What can they do to stop that? she asked.

The Face of Affirmative Action by Bee Lavender

Since 1973 it has been illegal, under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, to discriminate against children with disabilities. We have the right under federal law to free appropriate public education, and access to all programs and services. For me as a child with a severe illness, this should have meant that I received reasonable accomodations such as flexiblility in attendance standards, and at least minimal cooperation from teachers and administrators in establishing a plan by which I could have received the same quality of education as my peers.


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