Mother's Day: Up and At 'Em, Mama! by Hilary Selden Illick

When Mother's Day was first born in 1872, breakfast in bed, Hallmark cards, store-bought bouquets and being taken out for brunch wasn't anywhere near the point. Then called Mother's Peace Day, the holiday was supposed to celebrate the values represented by motherhood -- peace, mercy, charity, and patience -- and the broader social and political implications of those values.

Lucy's Diary Interview by Bee Lavender

Looking back now it feels like I was barely out of school when I became a mother. But, I’d partied pretty hard beforehand. The main impact was less time to myself – obviously. I’m not going to kid anyone and say it wasn’t hard work. But, I still found time to play guitar and write songs. My children heard he songs – the ones they liked I kept, the ones they didn’t I dropped. Who needs the X factor panel!

Glamorous's picture

Those people who are in foreclosure have nobody to blame but themselves... by Glamorous

"Ok, smile, Mom!"

High Schooler, then a middle-schooler, was standing at street level holding my snazzy new camera phone. I threw up my hands and grinned while standing on the second floor overhang of the house I'd owned for two hours.


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