The Dragon by Sharon Harrigan

My daughter was already in the front car of The Dragon, hugging her seven-year-old doppelganger who, weirdly, shares her name. The Ellas, dressed in pink, bobbed in blonde, the colors of the dogwood blossoms this festival is named for, were blind to the scarred cheeks of the carnies, in whose hands we put their lives.

Ex-girlfriend by Cara McDonough

When my daughter was born, my younger brother and his girlfriend came to visit me in the hospital the very next day, traveling from Washington D.C., where they lived, to New Haven. I’d had an unexpected C-section and when they got there they asked me if there was anything I needed. I casually mentioned that a magazine or two might be nice as I had several days in the hospital ahead.  

Sarah Dentan: Rad Librarian

Welcome to Radio! Our show offers a dynamic and eclectic mix of interviews, reviews and performances from the illustrious, the infamous, and people just like you! This Manic Mama double interview episode! This week TMM talks to rad mama librarian Sarah Dentan about life in the library. Then stay tuned for a conversation with Kyle Seaman of HighScore House.

Transmom Superstars

In the latest episode This Manic Mama talks to Cole Caljouw, a 34 year old Female to Male transmom of two, stepdad to two more, and law student extraordinaire. Check out the resource links for information about FTM issues, touring performances, and a story from the archives!


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