Back to blogging and more emotionally healthy....or am i? mothers day goals

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Well it's been a long time, but I am back, this time around I'm giving myself a mothers day present, this blog. I need mama-love, I need community. And hipmama was calling to me from afar.

Although I am not truly convinced that I am really hip-enough to be here, and I actually hope to find out a few things about myself in this journey such I hip? am I really the supermom people think I am? Who am I am and what do I like to do besides clean the house and feed people. Is there in actuality more to me than that. or not?

I need community. does a child in every corner of your house at all times count as community? what about someone (big or small) interrupting my every move, all the time no matter what I am doing, and a chorus of "I wants" and "I needs" is that community?

My mothers day goals: (forget new years resolutions, those never stick) work on my garden, write and finish my book, work on my mind body and spirit, be a supermom, awesome girlfriend-the type that makes him want to marry me - but do I really want marriage again and isn't this already "marriage"

My wheels are turning and this blogging journey will hopefully help me through my daily struggles, and give me a sense of me.