Unite against the War on Women! April 28

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ok i'm getting cheeky with exclamation points and such, i don't know whether this event or organization is something i would really get behind but i wanted to publicize this in time for the ladies to make arrangements if it actually is something you wanna sign on to.

ok so go here


and poke around their site and see if you're down.

my only reason for withholding full endorsement is just cuz i like to look into whether it's some sham like moveon.org which is nothing but window dressing on the DNC, and i don't have time to do so in the near future. the phrase "war on women" perturbs me, because it smacks of DNC propaganda, and i ain't about to be anyone's tool. but a cursory look showed nothing objectionable, so i'm posting.

and the fact is, we probably would be well served to remind lawmakers that we're still here, and we still ain't buying their shit. no, birth control ain't controversial and ain't a friggin bargaining chip. neither are women's cancers, or laws protecting our safety.

rhymes with taint.
makes me faint.

alright i have to get to work. happy protesting!