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1. "better" (relatively speaking) sleep

2. ability to write a poem a day so far (less than a week)

3. clean hair

4. the "deluxe" version of Bisquick sour cream coffee cake

5. BBC America

6. white tea, green tea. teas teas teas

7. ginger ale

8. the tools on the iPad which make creating easier

9. Love is all you need, mo matter how you receive it

10. trying to find a routine we can stick to easily


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BBC America is a funny thing - you get a really different selection of stuff than we do here. Quite misleading! You might think the options for my viewing pleasure are better than they are! But you get stuff that is only broadcast on the "other" channels here in the UK... the ones that don't show for free or on my rickety old computer... so basically, you get a higher overall viewing experience. Lucky!

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what? don't you get "Being Human," "The Tudors," "The Hour" or Graham Norton? {{Of course i KNOW you get "Dr Who"}}

that's mostly all I watch - I watch the American version of "Being Human" and one other Sci Fi show, "Lost Girl" and (if I remember) I have started watching "Walking Dead" -- I am not a big tv watcher

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