damned insomnia

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1. I am glad I tried to get sleep by turning everything off before 11 pm (it didn't work, i woke up at 3 am)

2. I am glad that instead of continuing to scratch myself silly when I woke up at 3 am I applied a good lotion

3. I am glad I decided to set an alarm to try to get us up earlier so we could really attempt a decent schedule which just might help my insomnia (even if I immediately fell back asleep due to the early morning sleep disturbance)

4. I am glad there is Crashbox until noon to occupy Little Dude's mind & make me feel good about him watching TV before we start school

5. I am glad he liked those oatmeal cakes -- they are in the oven again today

6. I am glad my aunt is back in LA

7. I am glad I have most of the week to plan the meals (since I put on 4 pounds last week with my aunt being here extra days & her choices of meals)

8. I am glad we have an elliptical and the Wii fit

9. I am appreciative of expressions of Love

10. I am glad I had nutella for the oatmeal cakes today