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I woke up this morning to one kid and two cats on my bed with me. My bladder woke me up, as usual, but rather than letting that determine my morning, rather than luxuriating in anxiety, as usual, rather than rushing the cat out the door before he pees in the kitchen, or starting brekkie, I used the bathroom, and came back to bed and enjoyed the company. Cat purring, kid snoring, I started to read a Sherlock Holmes book that I downloaded on to my new, bells and whistles fancy-pants sm*rt phone. Then I stretched a bit, then went to see if there's a cheap hotel room I could rent for T and me for Xmas (instead of having a party. just get the eff out of dodge)...made some tea, fried some bacon, made biscuits for T (but it's been so long that I forgot the importance of cold grease/fat/butter in making a flaky biscuit that they ended up chewy--I couldn't taste them for proper texture!). Right when the biscuits were done, she wandered into the kitchen and we "tucked in" (I like that term. not very California at all). Then we each messed around on the 'puter a bit. I got wrapped up in stupid grown-up bullshit, and then I realized I didn't know where she was. I found her, and the cats (the kitchen pee-meister having been tossed outside to empty his bladder and back in the house already) on my bed, enjoying the sunlight. So I joined them. We hung out together for a while. I hopped off the bed and did a little yoga, then I grabbed the three kaleidoscopes I have on a shelf and we looked through them and giggled, and she made a little video of one cat using her fancy-pants phone. Then I had to get dressed to go to work. It was a great morning.