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Tue, 10/05/2010 - 21:00 -- Bee

The government is taking away my child benefit? But I never bothered to claim it! Drat. And this is surely just the first of countless other social supports that will be destroyed in coming months.

The longer I remain alive, the more I am aware of structural barriers to success. From the vantage point of 39 years of age, it is obvious that my scummy little urchin self was not meant to accomplish much of anything. I was certainly not meant to smash my way to the other side and start shouting that I was shackled, subverted, sabotaged. What have I ever asked for?

I'll put it in bold to underscore the point:

Access to educational and employment opportunities.

No more, no less.

It is simply not acceptable that wealthy nations retain archaic class structures. We can eliminate poverty. We can create equality. Yet the electorate chooses retrograde Tories, lying Lib-Dems.

The government is going to slash and burn in an epic fashion, not because it is necessary. Oh no. They will do it for ideological reasons, and they are clever enough to spin a semi-convincing story claiming otherwise.

Don't believe the hype. Read history. Examine the facts. Hold your politicians accountable.

If David Cameron wants every child to have the same opportunities he has enjoyed, he should start by investing and creating. Not by stealing money from babies.