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Mon, 10/11/2010 - 21:00 -- Bee

I have continued unpacking (with one hand, moving very slowly) and yesterday found my baton. And I still know how to twirl! Though a demonstration will have to wait until I recover from the latest malady.

I also found a Kienow's bag, last seen in Portland circa 1996. Will the archives never end??

On that subject, my entire surviving wardrobe has been restored to me. There isn't much left - the majority of my books and clothes were ruined by flooding when I moved to the United Kingdom - and I am not fond of the remainders.

97% of the dresses will be sent back to storage, deemed "no longer age appropriate." Though that is a fungible category, and I change my mind every few years; the lucky dress is not the only garment that has survived the cull. I'm still wearing shirts I owned in high school. . . and carrying bags I played dress-up with as a child.

Right now my problem is more of an aversion to trendiness. I'll shelve my stuff until the "inspired by Mad Men" fad has passed. Ugh! While I am aware that knowing is interchangeable with following I just can't help it. I feel itchy when I wear clothes I see in magazines.

The neighbourhood continues to delight, not least with shopping options like Casa Mexico. They have chilis, sauces, beans, and TORTILLAS!!

A favourite leisure destination is Hackney City Farm, where I made a new best friend: