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Sat, 10/16/2010 - 21:00 -- Bee

The office is the last bit to unpack: abandoned manuscripts! Traces of quixotic careers! Xrays of my fractured pelvis and cracked skull! Photographs of everyone I've ever known loved or hated! What fun.

I heart everything Dieter Rams, but especially the Vitsoe shelves. Lucky me, I couldn't find anything better to hold my books!

Though the installation created a sticky tugging sensation - possibly the last strands of my working class identity shredding against the sharp edge of reality.

Regardless: the books are unpacked. I can now sit here in the reading nook, a childhood fantasy finally realised, reading favourite nursery rhymes.

The man that killed the ram, sir, was up to his knees in blood / And the boy that held the pail, sir, was carried away in the flood.