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Mon, 11/08/2010 - 21:00 -- Bee

With stunning efficiency, the authorities just noticed I pulled my kid out of school. Two years ago. In a different county.

Since I followed the correct procedures, this means that it took the council exactly that amount of time to process the paperwork. Amusing for me, as my family does not require support or intervention. Not especially thrilling for the people who might need help - namely the kids who drop out of school for significant financial or social reasons.

But who am I to judge? I have travelled far from my impoverished youth. I was once the disenfranchised sick kid who had to threaten federal lawsuits to gain access to basic education. I was once the idealistic little bureaucrat who facilitated independent living programs that helped people move from welfare to work. But now? I associate with the elite and refined upper classes. I work on whatever I like. My daughter attends a top university. My son takes tennis lessons in Regent's Park.

We're not supposed to notice the gaps in services that allow poor and sick kids to falter, fail.

Well, fuck that.

The coalition government came to power through a back-room deal. They do not possess a popular mandate, but that will not stop them from pursuing ideological goals grouped loosely under the rubric of Big Society.

Golly, whatever could that mean? Basically, it is just a pretty way of saying kill the poor.