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Sun, 01/16/2011 - 21:00 -- Bee

Santa Barbara: what to say? Great place, if you want to view the first offshore oil rigs in the country. Awesome, if you enjoy literally kicking homeless people out of the way to shop for high-end handbags.

I've never been anywhere with such extreme disparity of wealth on display. Oh, and that big economic "slowdown" we aren't calling a "depression"? Eminently visible on the main street, after various chain stores have departed, and the remaining lack critical elements like "customers." We're definitely in Ronald Reagan territory: it is a vision of what the Tories would like to do in England, except for the weather.

It is in fact too hot and bright for me to venture to the beach; I am not supposed to go out in the sun, and if I try to disobey my immune system puts the smack down within about twenty minutes. The question is, do I want my serving of systemic lupus small or large? Discoid rash, joint pain, and lethargy = many hours in a cool dark room.

But I can go out in the dark, and we walked down to the dock one night to watch birds flying in the moonlight, listen to the water, make wishes on falling stars.