De-Stressing Myself (part 2)

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Thanks Mamas for all that replied, I love the idea of a family back massage and will try it tommorrow... I have had a pretty relaxing weekend: I talked to one of my good friends last night on the phone for about two hours while my kids played flashlight tag outside. (the 500 mosquito bites didn't even "bug" me...) I stayed home most of the weekend and enjoyed a few mojitos... I let myself relax in the hammock and get a bit tipsy for once. My most stressing moment was giving my dog
Manny a bath.
The kids helped with the housework and dh did some dishes this morning. It was pretty nice. I just let stuff happen. I even went to a party for some new people on my street, which felt pretty akward, but it ended up to be fine..
This week I plan to get rid of alot of clutter, the basement is a disaster and it really needs to be cleaned, plus the closets are full of who knows what. But I am just gonna take it one step at a time. I have been doing some deep breathing and relaxation.I even took a nice bath in the morning (ok.. two kids were standing by the tub begging to come in, but it was still nice)
So I think that I am on my way to a more relaxed life. Thank goodness, and thank you so much mamas for your support! It means the world....