Baby fell out of bed...

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Mon, 06/07/2004 - 23:36 -- goldie

My baby fell out of bed in the middle of the night, and I got so scared now I can't sleep. Our current sleeping arrangement is baby in his crib in our room (he used to sleep in or next to our bed), and me and the man in a queen sized bed. And if Baby wakes up in the night, mostly I get up and bring him to bed and he breastfeeds, or if he just needs rocking, we walk and rock, or his dad walks and rocks and I try to sleep. And in the mornings he always comes in to bed and eats, and cuddles and giggles which I adore.
Anyway tonight he cried, and I brought him to bed, and then I do not remember anything, so he must have nursed and then we both fell asleep, except he was on the outside, and I did not put a pillow next to him, and the next thing I know he is rolling off the bed and I am too slow to catch him and he hits the floor, and maybe the bedside table on the way down (goddess bless our low ikea bed, it was not that far to fall, and I actually had left a pillow on the ground which he landed on, fucking foreshadowing or what?). And then he WAILED and WAILED, and the man woke up and said "aaaaaaah, aaaaaah" and I said "it's okay" which is like the magic words I gues because he rolled over and went right back to sleep (oh how how how the hell does he do ir, and why can't I sleep like that when it is his turn with Baby???!?).
And I walked and rocked, and looked him over in the light to make sure there were no bruises or cuts or broken bones, and tried to calm the frantic beating of my heart and Baby at the same time, and he finally took a breath that was not a WAIL and then he nursed and went back to sleep. And I am wide awake, checking every ten minutes that he is breathing peacefully, in between beating myself up for not lying him in the middle of our bed (except I was nursing from the other side), or for not buying siderails for the bed.
Does any co-sleeping mama out there use those siderails, and do they actually work? I have a big baby who loves to roll and move around.
Oh, be still my heart. I can still hear him wailing, even though I know he's sleeping.


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I have a side rail I have used since day one, just for peace of mind. It sinches on to the bed well, but could be a suffocation/wedge hazard.
If you're into this kind of thing, you might consider a trip to the chiropractor.
Don't beat yourself up! Accidents happen to everyone! I'm sorry your baby got hurt...I know it is sickeningly heart wrenching.

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how lucky lucky lucky your babe is to have a mama who cares so much for his shell and soul. i remember when lily fell off of a low ottoman at age 2 mos or something...i was sure she was stable and turned around for a second and boom, wail, etc...they all go through these rites, the rubbery little critters. needless to say, i felt like crap, but you know what? she was fine, your boy is fine. it's scary when it happens, isn't it? just remember(like YOU told ME :-)) that you are a wonderful caring mama. i had a co-sleeper for both of my kids, so i could grab them any minute and cuddle them in the night, nurse them as long as i wanted, then have a safe place to put them where i could sleep with my hand on their tummy but know they weren't going anywhere. of course, now that they're bigger i just stick the baby in the middle of us and hope for the best...


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Something like this happened to me. I had protected the sides of our bed but didn't think about the foot of the bed and my baby managed to roll his way to the bottom and fall off. He was about 5 mths old, I hadn't realised he was capable of rolling so far on his own. I was so upset I threw away the whole bed frame the next day and since then we've slept on a mattress on the floor.