Pro-Choice Rally/Slogans?

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I'm so excited! My mom will be joining S and I at the Pro-Choice Rally Day at our state capitol. I am pretty sure that my mom has never demonstrated or protested anything in all of her 54 years.

She's very excited to make a sign to carry. Any good suggestions?

My sign says: If you can't trust me with choice, how can you trust me with a child?


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we'll never go back

keep your rosaries off my ovaries

every child, a wanted child

pro-child, pro choice

since you're mother and daughter, you could wear a shirt that says you were wanted, or your child could be wearing one.

if i think of more, i will let you know.

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a friend of mine came up with this years ago in response to the plethora of "it's {"it" for chrissakes, doesn't that tell ya somethin, people?! they eventually noticed and changed it to "he's" and "she's", but the point remains.} a child, not a choice" bumper stickers assaulting us in our midwestern college town. i tried to get her to send it in to NOW or planned parenthood or somewhere, but i don't think she ever did.

maybe if ya'll use it, it'll catch on?

have a great time with the intergenerational protesting. what a great family outing.

"if i pass for other than what i am/do you feel safer?" ~lani ka'ahumanu

"if i pass for other than what i am, do you feel safer?" ~ lani ka'ahumanu

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Don't believe in abortion? Don't have one.


Pro Woman, Pro Child, Pro Choice

Just remember, you may be surprised at who joins your ranks. I try to avoid any religious invective, because, after all, we need everyone to help out here. There's folks in the Choice movement who are Christians - like me.

A friend of mine attended a peace rally this weekend with his church. People got all up in arms, "What are you doing here?" (Thinking they had come to disrupt the rally because they couldn't imagine Christians being anything other than the right.) "I've not seen you at an organizing meeting before." My friend replied, "Well, I haven't seen you at worship either...we preach peace too."

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"every child a wanted child"

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my fave version of that:

"every child wanted, every mother willing"

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i like that one.

"You know, i could write a book. And this book would be thick enough, to stun an ox." -- Laurie Anderson