HipMama: the parenting zine started in 1993 as a 500 copy print publication created from a $1000 student loan. Published by Ariel Gore, the zine quickly gained national renown and a large audience of fans. Over the next fifteen years Ariel evolved from the welfare mom who debated Newt Gingrich on MTV to an established and sought-after expert on child rearing.
Bee Lavender joined the project as publisher of Hipmama.com in 1997. Under her guidance, the site grew to include millions of readers and legions of loyal fans. Working with a group of committed volunteers, Bee pushed the boundaries of technology and social engagement to create a dynamic and innovative online community. The site has changed with time, but Hipmama.com remains true to the vision of providing a forum for fresh, authentic writing.
The print magazine and the web site have always operated as independent ventures, though Ariel and Bee worked in loose collaboration for many years, including co-editing Breeder: Real-Life Stories from the New Generation of Mothers. Together and separately they have been featured in numerous press outlets including USA Today, Time Magazine, Utne Reader, NPR, and the BBC.
Ariel left HipMama to pursue other goals in 2008. Her books include How to Become a Famous Writer Before You're Dead, Bluebird: Women and the New Psychology of Happiness, Atlas of the Human Heart, and numerous other titles. For more information about her current projects, click here.
HipMama: the parenting zine is now a worker owned collective that publishes a reader-written thematic quarterly covering radically diverse experiences of parenting. The print magazine retains the exuberant spirit and social consciousness of the early years, bringing authentic stories of parenthood to a growing audience. For more information or to subscribe, click here.