Maria Gunnoe: Fighting Mountaintop Removal

The people of Appalachia have sacrificed everything including their lives for energy in America. We must put a stop to mountaintop removal coal mining and transition to renewable energy to allow us our homeland security and to preserve our rightful place and culture in the mountains. -Maria Gunnoe
Maria Gunnoe is a mother of three from Boone County, West Virginia, one of the most active coal mining regions in the United States. She began fighting mountaintop removal in her area in 2004 and has been featured in several documentary films on the subject, including On Coal River (Adams Wood and Francine Cavanaugh, 2010) which was screened at Mountainfilm in Telluride, Colorado this past week. Maria took time from her busy schedule to talk to This Manic Mama about her inspirational fight to save her home, culture and community as well as working to save the environment from the devastating effects of “clean coal” and mountaintop removal. Listen to the interview now.