Hey, Shorty!

Today This Manic Mama talks to Meghan Huppuch, Nefertiti Martin, Benita Rivera, and Susan Mosher about Girls for Gender Equity (GGE), a non-profit organization based out of Brooklyn, New York that is commited to the well-being of urban girls, and their book Hey Shorty! A Guide to Combating Sexual Harrasment and Violence in Schools and on the Streets.
Listen now. Want more? Check out the Hey Shorty! documentary trailer. Want to talk about it? Check out the forums. Special thanks to Mandy Van Deven co-author of Hey Shorty! for facilitating this conversation, our lovely producer Bee Lavender, and Marisa Anderson for our great music.
This Manic Mama is Lindsey Campbell: a single mom, graduate student, cinephile, and resident host of Hipmama.com Radio. Her work has appeared in numerous popular and academic publications in the United States and Canada. Her play Girl-Mom, based on the radical feminist site Girlmom.com, was produced as a radio play and has been staged at several festivals across North America. TMM