Excerpted from the novel
I remember the first time I flew.
I was four years old. My mother decided to take me to Balboa Park for the afternoon. I watched the back of her short-sleeved blouse as we crossed the parking lot to the playground; the sky blue fabric tightened,...

Texas, as you may know, has some urban not-so-much-legends about cheerleading moms driven to mayhem by their sense of vicarious competition. From what I have seen and heard regarding cheerleading in Texas, there are some more widespread problems about which to be concerned.
The ten-year-old daughter of someone...

TMM talks to bon vivant, famous authoress, and occasional mermaid Carolyn Turgeon about her new novel. The Next Full Moon is a tale of friendship, family, magic, and growing up. Listen now.

This Manic Mama returns with Maia Rossini, former editor of Hipmama.com and co-editor of Mamaphonic: Balancing Motherhood and Other Creative Acts.
Currently Maia works as a screenwriter and leads an idyllic life in upstate New York with her husband and two kids. Maia and TMM talk about the book, creativity,...

The stigma still exists.
The saying remains among black folks that we do not see therapists.
"Chile only needs a kick in the ass. That should straighten her up!"
"There's nothing wrong with her. Should just quit acting a fool!"
There is a saying that black folks do not...