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ok i know i said this on shady's Ghost Town post but i wanted to make my own so it's seen by anyone looking specifically for me.

i'm done here. no hard feelings, it's just weird to keep creating content with no feedback from readers. i won't ever use facebook so, i won't ever be part of that group. it's been feeling lately like hanging around a party when the host is avoiding you, so i'm moving on with warm feelings for the years i've spent here. but in truth, for the last two or so years it's been rather anonymous, no feedback, keeping to non-personal topics like current events, and there are lots of places one can go for that.

full disclosure: the only overture toward hard feelings i have is, i did take issue a bit with the way my Occupy posts were handled. they were moved from my personal blog, which contains my name and signature, to "stories" crediting a " correspondent." this was done without asking me, and i didn't really like it. there was conversation after the fact because i initiated it, there was explanation and gratitude expressed for my work, but when i asked that each post be labeled with my name, that was not done. that's been in my craw for a while now, but obviously i wasn't angry per se, i continued to contribute and receive goodies in the mail for my gold stars. so i don't feel unappreciated really, i was just reminded whose site it is and how when i put stuff up here i'm giving it away. which ultimately is fine, i just feel that fairness would have dictated a conversation with me should have occurred prior to moving my shit around and coming to agreement on how it would look, and credit given to me personally. i've been here so many years, i don't know everything that will come to mind years from now when i look back on it, but unfortunately that maneuver will stick out, and that's the only part that makes me a bit sad. because it's been a fun ride otherwise.

after some tbd amount of time, i will abandon the email address associated with this account. but for a while, you should be able to get a hold of me through pm, which will bounce to my email and we can exchange info. i'm doing some pretty cool stuff, turning a corner, my kid's a teenager, i'm both stoked and sad to have outgrown hipmama.

take care everyone.


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the hilarity around the dude who did the Britney Spears giving birth statue, and the way the hipmama community handed him his ass on a plate when he came here to, I dunno, defend his "art".

"Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself; but talent instantly recognizes genius"--Sir Arthur Conan Doyle