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I did a headstand tonight at yoga punx.
T-Dizzle got accepted into the dorms on campus at SFSU.
She was also awarded a $3500 private scholarship.
I don't have someone moving into my house, and I don't need a roommate.
I've a had a few "dates" with a cute, single dad, and I'm having a "date" with a cute economics teacher this week. (date is in quotes because the fucktards here in California refuse to call a date a date.)
I'm playing my second ever Brinicle: Icy Finger of Death gig (solo viola with a looping pedal) this weekend.
There's serious talk of a Goat Fluffer reunion this summer.

When hipmama goes down, a lot of shit happens in my life.


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not to sound all stocker-ish, but i fucking love you. i feel like i know you. like even though we are different, we are kind of the same, and if i was up in your neck o the woods i would totally want to hang out.

you said fucktards. LOVELOVELOVE. totally. only in california. when im single and lovin it i ALWAYS say "date" and force them to take me on one. if they cant there not worthy.

xo shakti