fired, yay!

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why yay?

because for like the fourth time, within 24 hours of getting canned i have a new job, which is one i would have left this job for, and one i can actually be proud of and not lie at parties when asked what i "do."*

and... the circumstances around getting fired... i earned it. last time i got fired for walking off the job, which kinda is like an asterisk, i don't feel like i earned that one. this one... i did a thing, and that thing got me fired. and that thing was mildly entertaining and fun to do, and will only snowball into more entertaining, fun stories through the grapevine. i'm interested in hearing a year from now the story of what got me canned. don't get me wrong, i was shocked that it happened, i expected at most an eyeroll, or an accusation of immaturity. it was totally uncalled for and only makes them look silly, but i like it just the same.

i feel like i'm initiated into something. like i can check this off some list of shit everyone needs to experience once in their life.

and in all seriousness, i went from three part time jobs, to none, in one month. the second two were in a week from one another. the first i had to walk away from reluctantly, the second my boss got canned so i got the ax with him, and the third was all me. i worried, sent out texts to people i know doing great stuff and asked if they needed my help, expecting to volunteer so i don't go batshit with nothing to do with my days, and it turned out that one of these people had just been given notice from a paid staffer that he needs two years off for school. just like that. how bout that friggin shit?

* actually i don't lie per se, but i never actually admit what i really do for money. when asked what i do i usually say i write, train dogs, make silly drawings, or "as little as possible," which are all very true.


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hell to the yizzle!

"Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself; but talent instantly recognizes genius"--Sir Arthur Conan Doyle