happy holidays

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Sat, 12/24/2011 - 14:27 -- Bee

Wherever you are, whatever you believe, however you celebrate, happy holiday wishes to you!




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To you, Bee, and all the rest of you as well!


"Do not forget. Remember and warn." -- Plaque fixed to the hollow shell of Sarajevo's National Library

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We were just opening stockings and my eldest was telling tales from her recent trip back to Seattle.

I said "Why don't we tell stories about the Two Little Elves Who Never Ever Fucked Anything Up?"

That is now officially the slogan of Chez Lavender.

Enormous spiraling good wishes to all of you!


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Waiting for the kid to wake up and check her stocking. Christmas is strange. I recently started celebrating it (its been a while). I see the importance of culture, ritual, traditions in children's lives (at least mine), so I thought "why don't I start working on some holiday traditions." We went to a Christmas Eve service at the Unitarian Church where I work...not sure if I'm gonna keep that tradition. Gonna have Christmas breakfast when my mom gets here, open more presents, watch a Christmas movie and then go out for Chinese...that sounds like a good tradition.

But we already celebrated New Year. New year is Solstice as far as I am concerned. You know, the waxing and waning of a life, a year. But whatev...details, details.

I was happy also to be a good influence in pulling a China-free Christmas. I inspired two others to try it. In fact, I am going to make a mini campaign out of it next year. It wasn't really totally china free, but the one thing that came from china was a used video camera. Less guilt. It is HARD to not buy stuff from China, but the more people do it the easier it will be. We should fill our empty malls with factories.

And Happy Holidays to everyone! I hear the holidays are hard. I am often homeless and broke during the holidays, but not this year! That is something to be thankful about. I'm just broke and dreaming of Costa Rica.