not feeling guilty anymore

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1. About eating, being hungry, being "fat" or any of that shit.
2. About sitting around and watching TV with my kid.
3. About letting the weeds grow in my yard.
4. About not returning phone calls.
5. About needing quiet space and time.
6. About having less than perfect technique on the violin.
7. About not saving the world.
8. About being sensitive--physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.
9. About telling my parents to fuck off.
10. About not believing in god.



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YES to all of those!

and YEAH to you!!!

 "Do not speak--unless it improves on silence." ~ buddhist saying (wow - my email on file was so old - it was from the old hipmama email!)

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Wow, I love those. I feel like I ought to try it.

Some of those I really relate to. Actually most of those I really relate to.