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Sun, 10/30/2011 - 11:47 -- Susan

We are into our new house. Long awaited after four years, five months and some odd change worth of days of being on the market. It's still surreal, but the contractors, heating problems, and other issues keep us grounded and in the present, I guess.

OMG, my bathtub is divine. It's peach-ish in color -- totally horrendous, but it's the right size, the perfect shape and lovely in every other way & I made peace with the color the first night when I got into it and found it divine. The hot water heater may require replacing in the nearer future than later so that I can have a nice, deep hot bath. But I got very near last night, and so perhaps we can put that off a little while. When we do, I'm debating going tankless but consumer reports says that it would take 22 years to make back the cost & cost savings difference which... for the benefit over getting a gas water heater in tank form... I think I might have other priorities.

We're hanging blinds, I've fixed two running toilets (one a flapper issue, the other needed the other whatsit part replaced, but not the flapper), the kitchen people have been here and we're just short of an appointment for them to come put in a new kitchen (it sounds terribly decadent, but is desperately needed)... The plumbers have been out to fix plumbing, the electrician has been out to fix and check electrical stuff, the furnace guy has been out three times... we have heat... for now, but I expect it to maybe go out again soon. This is the longest it's run and it's only been not quite 48 hours. The fire place we've tried having a fire in isn't drafting right, some day I want gas fireplaces because I'm tired of houses with fireplaces that don't draft right. Our new washer & dryer are amazing and I love them. I still hate folding laundry, but getting clothes clean is fun!

There is mold around windows from condensation from the house not being heated properly. That's on my agenda of things I need to do today -- vinegar clean all that I can reach, and then see if I can reach the rest with a ladder. In the nearer future, we need to get someone in to install some venting fans to help reduce the condensation until we can replace all the windows in the house with double-paned, high efficiency windows. That's going to be expensive. The two we're starting with are downstairs in the least used rooms because one is cracked and one is being held in place by duct tape (!). Next up are bedrooms and bathroom, and then we start in on the terrifying ginormous windows that are ceiling to about waist in the dining room, and then floor to ceiling in the living room. Oh yeah, and the big windows in the rec room. On the upside, in this house, we will not be throwing any stones, what with the glass house. Oy.

There is more, but I have small child whining that her costume isn't done AT ALL and she has to have a red wand and her wing is broken, and she's in total freak out, melt down. M1 is busy adding a safety pin chain to the skirt she's wearing as part of her punk rock costume. P is waiting for me to help him hang more blinds and move more stuff around. I guess it's time to get back to moving in.

But hey! New house! Yay!



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I'm sad I didn't get to see it on this trip, but next time, for sure! I have such bad timing.... it wouldn't have worked to show up knocking on your brand new windows at 2am!

Huge housewarming wishes to you all!!!


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We are making some progress!

I can sit on the couch and look out the window in the living room!

Next time -- the house will be more like a place some one lives rather than a pile of boxes looking for all the world like a glorified storage unit! :)

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