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Mon, 09/12/2011 - 02:42 -- Bee

I was in a speciality clinic recently and the doctor tapped his pen on a piece of paper. My blood work showed significant problems with my liver.

He said "Either you are drinking yourself to death, or you have hepatitis."

I blinked. "Um, well, I don't drink, so I guess we can go with the other hypothesis. Or wait, maybe I had it? No. Yes. Definitely. I remember, I picked it up in the hospital in the middle of the cancer years."

The doctor started taking notes. "Which kind? A, B, or C?"


He dropped his pen and smacked both hands to his head (I am a terrifically interesting and terribly exasperating patient). "Why?"

"I was twelve years old!"

"But hepatitis C is dangerous! You might die!"

"It hadn't been invented in 1983, right? Anyway, I had other things to think about. Like the gangrene in my stomach cavity. Seriously, hepatitis would not have seemed important that year."

He shook his head and ordered more tests. I went back for the results a couple of weeks later: hepatitis A, not lethal, just destructive. In the interval I had remembered that during stomach surgery a few years ago my liver was found to be wrapped in scar tissue, and the doctor in charge that day had hoovered off whatever he could reach. Leaving me with a vague prognosis for further trouble, but no advice.

Why did I forget that?

Why would I remember?

Thinking about my internal organs bound up in scar tissue is creepy. I'm no fan of horror, especially when it is located in my gut.

The new doctor was mainly poking around in my ladybits and he found nothing out of the ordinary except the same old scars on my ovaries ("perhaps your intestines adhered and were ripped away"). This would be a victory - cancer tests negative, ahoy! Except the liver thing seems, oh, I don't know, important? The doctor shrugged.

From what I can gather I don't do anything that hurts my body. No alcohol, no smoking, no greasy or junk food, in fact I largely follow the vegan-ish and gluten-free habits of my family members. My only real indulgence is jellybeans, and they are restricted by cost as luxury import items.

I mentioned the liver issue to the acupuncturist working on my fucked up hands, and she jumped in shock - what were the doctors prescribing, what was the prognosis? She seemed to think that "go home and ignore it" was not the best course of action. Though even a masterful alternative medicine practitioner is flummoxed by the notion that all of my internal organs are trapped in a web of scar tissue. She can give me needles to help with overall health, but the only way to really fix it would be to go in surgically and move stuff around. Again. Which I'm not keen to try.

Nobody wants to think about it. This makes me feel better, because it is in alignment with my own desire.

However. If my blood tests show "significant" problems with liver function, I reckon I should at least try to do… something.

I don't know what though. Herbal tea?


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aw Mama Bee -- many vibes & sure, why not herbal tea? I got all kinds - you wanna just try hit & miss ? (this is me being funny with you, as funny as I am assuming you are with the herbal tea comment)

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ah my Kindred Mama Sistah Dear

lol -- I am actually laughing aloud at the image of we, two crones, over a bubbling pot filled with every type of herbal tea we can find which is supposed to cure this or that and we cackle as we name off the maladies we will "cure" you of!

 "Do not speak--unless it improves on silence." ~ buddhist saying (wow - my email on file was so old - it was from the old hipmama email!)

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Hmm. That sucks. I know fascia grows in between muscle fibers that are sedentary, even overnight a thin film of fascia will appear. In that case, the solution is movement, slow and gentle stretching and movement. Scar tissue and adhesions... maybe similar? Dunno.

That's not going to help the liver in any case though. Looks like you currently have Hep A? Short research shows the virus usually clears out in a month or so, and there is no treatment, although some meds can cause issues. Maybe go back & talk to your doc & a pharmacist and see if there's anything that might be contributing... ?

Gah. :(

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I had it in 1983, and the damage is still visible in blood tests. Fun!

Stretching does help scar tissue. Also acupuncture and some other alternative medical stuff. But when you have adhesions around all of your major organs, there isn't much to do about it because that part of your body doesn't really move too much. My understanding is that yoga and all of the healthy healing protocols will help me as a general principle, but the scars can't be addressed except surgically, and if I have more surgery I will just have more scars. Endless looping cycle, and somewhere around the middle I forget and wander away until the next time someone points out that there is something wrong with me. Oh yeah....

The medical doctors tell me not to do anything at all; they don't even want me to leave the house. They are tiresome. I don't take any meds except my thyroid stuff and vitamins, so I don't think I am contributing to the problem. Though I'm not an expert, and I suppose that high levels of some vitamins would be bad for me, if I knew what they were. I should probably consult a naturopath or something. Though they are always so sensitive! I need someone trained in both disciplines and really tough who can answer questions without flinching....

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Submitted by Susan on

Osteopath (DO)? They're kinda cross trained?

Residual damage... Maybe a naturopath who understands the nature of complementary/supportive treatment, but there's the while finding them problem. Doctors can be such a tiresome bunch!

"Do not forget. Remember and warn." -- Plaque fixed to the hollow shell of Sarajevo's National Library