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Sat, 09/10/2011 - 14:33 -- Bee

I don't have any brothers or sisters, but Marisa comes as close to kin as possible without sharing DNA. We've known each other so long we often forget how we met, but the answer is music, the neighbourhood, life. We've traveled, toured, performed in strange places, had huge fun. The only point we ever disagree about is the nature of time. She thinks there is plenty available and tells me not to worry. I'm convinced that there isn't enough to accomplish everything that needs doing. Somewhere in the middle of that debate, we find each other, even if we have to fly across the world. When I die, she will be in charge of burning my notebooks. While I'm alive, she is the only person who knows (or guesses) what is written inside.

It would be impossible to exaggerate how important her friendship is to my entire family; we love her, and miss her every day, even nine years after we moved away from Portland. One week wandering around London was not enough, but it was excessively awesome:


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I love timeless friends like this. No matter how much time passes, things pick up as though they never left off.

49 stars.

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She looks alarmingly like my sister-in-law in this picture. Such an awesome picture -- she even managed to get her thumb exactly right, like the rest in the picture!

"Do not forget. Remember and warn." -- Plaque fixed to the hollow shell of Sarajevo's National Library

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It was funny, I didn't expect her to pose, only had my camera out accidentally, and took this snapshot without planning... there are very few pictures of her, but this one is great!