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Fri, 10/15/2010 - 21:00 -- Bee

From the spectacles on my face to the bags I carry to the desk I own, my love of vintage objects is partly emotional, partly practical. As much as I like the shape and history of old things, I have always liked the price more. When the things I lust after become expensive or cross the date line to "antique" I lose interest.

I'm not a collector. I'm thrifty.

That is why furnishing the flat is so difficult - even with enough money and time to figure it out, I just cannot bring myself to pay what people are charging. Throw in complications like tricky size requests and the search starts to look masochistic. In all my travels through town and discussions with dealers, it was widely agreed that my need for a small sensible wooden dining table (with built-in extensions) is valid but impossible. They don't exist - at least not in Zones 1 - 3. Presumably because a large number of people are hunting for the same.

Eventually I found my way to the excellent Danish Homestore website. They have lots of big names but also a very good selection of less known and therefore less expensive stuff. The only question was - could I handle buying something so big off the internet without seeing it first?

Several weeks of failed local searching made the answer an emphatic yes. I bought a Poul Volther table because it was beautiful, and cheap. The delivery fellow called it a good investment piece because nobody knows about Volther (yet).

How strange. I really am turning into a grownup.

My obsession with home furnishings will subside as of midnight tomorrow, when my attention will turn to more useful topics. Like jellybeans.


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oh! pretty!

I have a really hard time furniture shopping. cos my house is small. and furniture is made for big huge suburban houses ... and cos really nice stuff that I like is so expensive...

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Yeah, the size of furniture is weird, huh? Everyone here lives in tiny spaces, but there are no tiny tables to be had! How could that be? Nothing in thrift stores, nothing affordable in antique stores, and the new stuff was enormous.... it was bewildering.