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Sun, 07/31/2011 - 03:40 -- Bee

Last week I read an article detailing the fact that an African-American teenage mother, Kymberly Wimberley, earned the highest GPA in her class at Arkansas' McGehee School District.

But this young woman was forced by the school district to share the honor with a white student. She responded by filing a lawsuit alleging that this was unlawful discrimination, based on the fact that she was a black teenage mother.

This is categorically unfair. Teen parents are routinely discriminated against and face significant institutional barriers to education. Teen mothers are expected to fail, but Kymberly Wimberley defied both the odds and the stereotypes. She went back to school a few short weeks after having a child, and worked endlessly hard to achieve high grades in advanced placement classes - courses often considered too difficult for even bright students. Kymberly is a committed scholar and she excelled beyond her peers. Without faltering or failing, she achieved high scores. She did not just graduate: she graduated with honours. Kymberly is an exceptional, talented young woman and the fact that she is a black teenage mother does not detract from her accomplishments.

Kymberly Wimberley earned the right to be sole valedictorian of her graduating class.

I started a petition to protest this injustice. In the first five days, we have collected over 37,000 signatures supporting Kymberly.

Please join the campaign: tell the school district to give the valedictorian title to the student with the highest GPA.

Click here to sign the petition.  


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really? reallY? This kind of crap still happens? unbelievable. Amazing accomplishment!